Keyboard - PC*Link

TexPool Distribution Disk     In addition to Internet and WEB access, this facility will allow PCs to dial your system and select any number of applications that you may offer. The connections options are numerous, as well as, the interfaces to your data. The connections session is via a secure private network.

Literature Requests - Based on a published 800 number from your advertisements, your prospective clients may dial to your system and review product offerings as well as be prompted for name, address...etc. The transactions could be printed locally or formatted
and sent to other computers for processing.

Information Access - Current users may access information that is available on either the IVR system files, or on other Host systems. In the case of interfacing to other Host systems directly, the system will reformat the output screens to the user based on specific user requirements.

PC*Application/ Data Acquisition - Running a data entry application on a Broker/Dealer PC, they could enter transaction such as, Trades, Name and address corrections and Literature Requests. Once the transactions have been entered, and validated locally, an upload to your facilities will take place where an additional edit pass-through will be performed. Once the transactions are validated, they will be reformatted to the Host input requirements and forwarded for processing.

Remote Printing - An application will generate download print files to the Application Processor for delivery to PCs. These files will contain enough information to determine which PC will receive the file, and what telephone number to call to reach that PC. The Application Processor will call the PC and deliver all outstanding messages to the PC. Messages will be compressed to minimize transmission time.

The programs in the PC will accept these files and store them for later printing. The PC user will be able to selectively print these files.

Optionally, these files may contain information such as commissions pay out schedules, what if scenarios and sales ideas. These files could also be formatted as input to other applications.

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