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George Goodman is a script consultant to Argos Computer Systems. While the head of technology for T. Rowe Price Associates, Mr. Goodman was the architect of the Tele*Access mutual fund voice response system., After his retirement from T. Rowe Price, Mr. Goodman developed the script specification for many other voice response systems in the financial services industry, including mutual funds, 401(k) service providers and annuity products. These system have consistently ranked at the top of DALBAR’s industry evaluations.

Script Specification

The script specification is a document used by three different groups involved in the development of a voice response system:

The business user reviews the script specification to assure that the resulting system will meet the needs of their clients.
The program development staff uses the script specification to develop the system.
The system testers use the script specification to develop test plans and to test that the system accurately reflects the specification.

Over the years Mr. Goodman has developed a script specification structure, easily understood by these three different constituencies

The process

Mr. Goodman conducts an initial meeting with the client’s business and operations members of the voice response development team. Together they work out the overall functional requirements of the system. Mr. Goodman also provides a list of information requirements.

From this meeting, Mr. Goodman will develop a top-level flow chart of system functionality. This is reviewed with the client’s project team and changed as required.

The next step is the delivery of the first draft of the script specification. Mr. Goodman reviews this in detail with the client’s project team and again changes are made as required. When the script specification has been approved by the client, it is then submitted to Argos Computer systems for program development.

Mr. Goodman is available to the client and the Argos staff throughout the development of the system to resolve issues and will reflect changes in subsequent releases of the script specification. During this process Mr. Goodman is the control point for all change activity.

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