FAX*Comm is an interactive system comprised of multiple fax lines with an interface to our AUDIO/1 databases. The system can deliver fax on demand messages based on IVR selections, or at a specific times based on pre defined user profile selections.

FAX*Comm could also be used as a hard copy delivery subsystem for e-mail retrieved using the Text to Speech facilities.

Text-Speech and hard copy to Fax

In addition, similar to a Remote Printing function, print files could be downloaded to the Application Processor, which will extract account numbers from the files. The Application Processor, maintains a file which will map account numbers to telephone numbers. (This file could also be downloaded from the host.) The Application Processor will then dial the appropriate number, and deliver the printout to a facsimile machine.

FAX*Comm could also make FAX terminals appear as standard "host printers". This facility may be used for delivering information and announcements originating from your host applications.

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