ARGOS Computer Systems, Inc. offers complete turnkey solutions, as well as, designing and implementing customized software.

ARGOS is uniquely qualified to provide Voice Response System to your company. Our implementation and systems are unique to the IVR industry.  Employing open ended architecture and Unix based systems, we offer communications and processing alternatives not found in typical IVR implementation. Our experience in the Mutual Funds industry, offers connectivity options to most record keeping systems. In addition, our systems can operate stand-alone, where the data is located on the system.  This approach provides for independent operations and immunity for the client.

ARGOS can take total responsibility for installation of the system, including hardware and software at your facilities or provide the service to you, including all facilities and staff required to run the system. As we have in past implementations, our staff will work closely with your company in order to develop an optimum system to meet your requirements.

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