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ARGOS COMPUTER SYSTEMS, INC. is the recognized leader in the field of data communications. ARGOS dedicates itself to producing "Leading Edge" communication products for the securities and financial industry markets.

Founded in 1980 by a team of experienced data processing, telecommunications and financial professionals. ARGOS develops, markets and supports products and offers professional services for Computer Telephony Integration facilities employing technologies such as, IVR, Speech Recognition, Alpha Pagers, PDAs, Fax, PCs and WEB Browsers. ARGOS product offerings include: Voice Response Systems, Front-End Concentrators, Data Communications Systems, Network Management and special application systems.

ARGOS is a technology integration company. As such, ARGOS' solutions employ open-ended architecture platforms which offer the flexibility to incorporate multiple technologies, at times from multiple vendors, to optimize your information acquisition and distribution facilities.

ARGOS' product, FEC/1, is a front end processor and core-buffered concentrator, that is widely used in both government and private sector organizations. FEC/1 is known primarily as the only product of its kind that provides a vehicle allowing both "technical" and "business" migration to be a smooth and uninterrupted process. In brief, FEC/1 permits a multitude of terminal equipment from different manufacturers to transfer files and protocol information between any vendor host computer.

The heart of the ARGOS' Information Distribution System is our AUDIO/1 product, which is designed to access to a wide range of application programs. Our installed systems base are the most functionally advanced of any other system in the mutual fund industry. The system can be used as front end to host applications or as stand alone, containing shareholder database, as well as, the applications.

AUDIO*Forms, another ARGOS product, blends the functionality of voice response, questions and answer - voice Messaging and call director technology into a single system which callers will find easy to work with as your friendliest telephone representative.

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