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Basically there are three elements to the CTI requirements:

Interface to the Switch
Table of the physical location of the screen and the phone set
Decision process

The decision process deal with as to where to present the call and the screen, or in the case where the caller was transferred to a queue, an acknowledgement from the switch will identify the agent that was presented with call and screen will follow the call.

A CTI Middle ware, is the intelligent interface to the Switch. This will provide the IVR with the information on the inbound call (DNIS, ANI etc.) and would serve to identify which system and functions the IVR should present to the caller. Additionally, all IVR lines could be pooled to service any incoming call. Once a call is transferred back into the queue, the IVR, using the CTI Middle ware would continue to monitor the progress of the call. (Other information also becomes available such as Queue lengths and how long would a caller expect to wait.)

The CTI Middle ware informs the IVR where a call has been placed. (The extension that was presented with the call). A table, maintained on the Application Processor, would map the physical location of the extension to the CRT address/location to where the screen should be presented. This table could be downloaded to the Application Processor or the IVR could query a CTI Server.

This could be expanded further by presenting specific screens and or applications based on the functions that the caller may have executed on the IVR. For example, if the caller was in the transactions portions of the script and appropriate transactions screen would be presented to the agent. A "history" of the caller in the IVR could be presented as well. (The functions that the caller was interacting with on the IVR)

The file that maps the Phone to the CRT could be expanded to include skill level sets of each agent and based on routing decisions and predetermined options, the call transfer process could become very intelligent.

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