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Management Reports

The ARGOS Mutual Fund Voice Response System offers a wide range of management reports, providing data on the shareholders' use of the system. These reports are available on a daily basis via access by terminal or PC communications. A sample of system reports will be furnished upon request.

Statistics are gathered during the operation of the system which track line utilization and function utilization. These reports have been designed for both network planning and internal cost allocations for fund back billing purposes.

There are several types of statistical reports available with AUDIO/1. However, additional reports can be implemented as required:

An hourly report, giving for a single day, a breakdown for each hour and for each telephone line, the number of calls, average duration, and number of inquiries by function.

A daily report, giving for a single day, (or range of days), a breakdown for each function performed, the number of inquiries by function, total inquiries, including the percent of total inquiries for the function of the total for all.

A daily report, giving for a single day, (or range of days), a breakdown by shift, and hour within the shift, of the call volumes, average duration, transfers to customer service, and hang-ups.

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Samples of AUDIO/1 IVRs

Summary list of functions
Mutual Funds Application
Defined Benefits Applications and 401(K)
Time and Attendance - Labor Collection and Reporting
Employee Benefits Enrollments
Securities Quotes
Banking Application

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