Data/Voice Acquisition and Transcription System.

AUDIO*Forms is an interactive voice Messaging application which prompts the caller for specific information. Transcription of the recorded information is made easier because it conforms to specific prompt and responses by the caller. Numeric data may be entered using the touch-tone key pad. During the transcription phase, AUDIO*Forms plays back the specific fields based on cursor position on the data entry forms. Function keys are used for fast forward and playback. Each entry is sequenced to insure complete transcription of the data.

AUDIO*Forms could be installed on individual Customer Service PC stations, or could be centrally located. Once the caller has entered the information, or at any time while in AUDIO*Forms, the caller may transfer out of AUDIO*Forms to any designated gate or phone extension.

In summary, AUDIO*Forms blends the functionality of voice response, voice Messaging and call director technology into a single system which your callers will find as easy to work with as your friendliest telephone representative. AUDIO*Forms will:

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